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Mark Baranowski MARQUIS' BROTHEL is mainly an artistic combination of several of my obsessions; women, horror, Miami Vice*, and the human condition. Before starting this website, my model-actress wife Teresa (pseudonym Ryli Morgan) and I were known as "On Mark Productions," appearing at horror conventions up and down the US east coast for more than a decade since 2002. We established a worldwide fan base on account of our independent films and music (for more about that, visit Although I still continue to promote those earlier works both on and off the road, MARQUIS' BROTHEL is now my main focus.

My story...? Well, I've had a keen interest in fine art nearly all my life (my first gallery exhibition was a string painting I did in Kindergarten), with charcoal drawing quickly becoming my own preferred medium. I honed this talent with art classes and photo study throughout high school, and then focused on commissioned portraits in my 20's. Though always a perfectionist, back then I didn't bother "finishing" an image with a background because I'd already exhausted myself - and, quite often, my interest in the piece - with an overly detailed main subject. With age comes patience, however, and I gradually began to focus just as much - if not more so - on what was behind that main subject as I did on it. The trick, still, was finding just the right balance of light and dark to make this rather limiting black & white medium as eye-catching and vibrant as possible.

In late 2015, my creative focus shifted to photo shoots and digital art, soon trading in my charcoal pencils for a stylus. I'd already photographed Teresa on numerous occasions... To have several more models pose for me was just a natural progression, the results of which sparked the name "Marquis' Brothel"; beauties for the beast in each of us.

You'll find more art here than photographs... Nowadays I consider photography only a means to create art. Anyone can snap a picture. The camera itself creates the raw image, while an artist spends hours recreating that image by hand until finally satisfied with every curve, color, shadow and border.

I am that artist. I live to create... and I create to live. In an age of apps that turn photos into art with just a tap of the screen, your support of a traditional old-schooler still drawing & coloring away with blistered fingers is tremendously appreciated.

Charlotte, North Carolina USA

*DISCLAIMER: Not affiliated with or sponsored by the creators, producers, and/or rights holders of any subject, individual or character depicted in these works, nor is any available item to be considered officially licensed merchandise relating to any such featured subject.